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You Are What (Protein) You Eat.
Is This the Most Ignored “Ageless Skin Secret?”Collagen is What Keeps Your Skin Looking Young. But Do You Know the Best Way to Protect it (Or Help Your Body Stop Losing it to Begin With)?

Article Summary


How many anti-aging products have you tried on your skin?

How many of them have worked?

If you can easily remember the list of far-too-many serums, night creams, vitamin-rich deep treatments, and more, it’s time to learn this:

What you put in your body is far more important than what goes on it, especially when it comes to protein.

That’s because your skin is 80% protein!

“The secret to clear, ageless skin doesn’t come in a serum,” said skin-care expert and Total Activation anti-age consultant Chrissie Topoleski. “It’s all about the food-and specifically protein-you eat.”

You can buy all of the $100 retinoids and vitamin C serums you want. At the end of the day, what your skin really needs is better nutrition.


Ask any skin care expert or medical researcher what the most important nutrient for your skin is and “whey protein” will always be their answer.

Whey is a pure form of protein derived from milk. Whey Protein is a vital nutrient that helps your body:

  • Maintain balanced hormone levels (no matter your age)
  • Provide the BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids) required to repair and protect muscle
  • Slow down the aging process (and the muscle degeneration that goes with it) thanks to glutathione, a core component of whey protein
  • Support healthy weight loss by naturally speeding up metabolic processes (telling your body to burn excess fat)
  • Produce the vital enzymes and key hormones required for stronger hair and nails
  • Balance blood sugar levels
  • Contributes to bone health, liver function, balanced pH levels throughout the body, improved circulation, reduced dark circles around your eyes (and over 500 MORE total body processes!)…

…and this is all while supporting healthy skin!

It may be the most important nutrient for your overall health and your skin.


Whey Protein Actually Does Everything
Collagen-Boosting Products Say They Do!

“Think of it this way,” said Chrissie, “every day you try to fight against collagen breakdown from the outside."

“We all know that collagen loss is what leads to older, wrinkled skin and age spots. And collagen is really just a protein made from amino acids. It actually accounts for 30% of all the protein in your body and 80% of your skin!”

The real issue is how women are fighting this collagen-loss.

Collagen production slows as your hormones change. Whey protein not only gives your body the amino acids required to build collagen, it also helps balance hormonal changes that occur due to aging!

“What I ask women is this: Why would you focus on just external treatments for this internal problem?’”

In fact, a long-held secret of the forever-young we see on the covers of magazines may not be some miracle serum, gel, or cream.

It’s really just the effect of giving your body and your skin the protein it needs to be beautiful!

“I call it ‘activating skincare’ because it activates the natural processes in your body that help keep your collagen from disappearing,” Chrissie said.

I call it ‘activating skincare’ because it activates
the natural processes in your body that help
keep your collagen from disappearing.

Chrissi Topoleski - Skincare Expert & Model


Inside is Where It Really Starts.

How should you fight collagen loss?

“I recommend a combination of supplemental nutrition and external treatment,” Chrissie said.

When you look up many of the most popular skin-care routines, you’ll find they focus on nutrition just as much as external skin-care.

“You have to fight the hormonal shifts of aging from the inside as you repair existing damage. That’s what external products and serums are really for repairing damage.”


Ready to Help Your Skin Heal from the Inside Out?
Discover the 5 Ageless Activators.

As a pioneer in ageless beauty, Total Activation has redefined the way women are approaching skincare.

By studying researched nutrients capable of supporting total health from the inside out while developing a revolutionary external skin-care support system, Total Activation has become one of the first luxury skincare brands to bring a total focus to beauty treatment.


The “Secret” (and Science) of the
Forever Young Always Starts with Nutrition.

Cleansers, moisturizing creams, and anti-age serums that support collagen production and help you retain elastin, the other important component of young-looking skin.

That’s why Total Activation offers an entire line of revolutionary skin-activating products designed to work with your body to activate a better, brighter, younger complexion from the outside in.

But even as you use these external beauty activators, you have to consider working with your body, providing the nutrients it needs for Total Activation.

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The Most Important Nutrient for Your Skin
(and Full Body Health).