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What Your Facial Cleanser Isn’t:
How the Rise of Synthetic
Additives Has Changed
the Way We Age
(And NOT for the Better)

Article Summary


Every woman knows you need to cleanse your skin every day.

It’s the first thing you learn about skin care, right?

An effective cleansing routine helps...

  • Remove dry, dead skin cells to promote new cell growth (skin turnover)
  • Provides anti-oxidants that protect against cellular damage
  • Helps hydrate to keep you skin healthy
  • Cleanses pores to prevent oil and blackhead buildup

But have you ever experienced a cleanser actually working on your skin?

If You’re Using a Cleanser,
But You Haven’t Noticed a Difference,
this is Why.

While developing the Total Activation line of skincare products, we spoke with dozens of researchers and scientists and worked with thousands of women all over the world—

—the women with whom we spoke were very clear:

Most of the time, cleansers where making ZERO impact on skin appearance, age marks, lines, and wrinkles.

We asked our research consultants why this was the case and they went to work analyzing and studying the ingredients in dozens of the most popular facial cleansers on the market today.

What did researchers discover?


For years, I was basically feeding my skin toxins.

Chrissi Topoleski
- Skincare Expert & Model


The Truth About What’s in Your
Will SHOCK You.

Nearly 10 commonly researched irritants, chemical-based penetrators, and endocrine disruptors were found in the most common cleansers and anti-age beauty products on the market.

You may have heard of some of these before:

Parabens are used as preservatives in cosmetic products. Researchers have long studied the link between parabens and breast tumors.

Synthetic dyes and colors are commonly found in cleansers and anti-age creams. Many synthetic dyes are suspected carcinogens (the EU has and D&C Red 27 and FD&C Blue 1 but are still found in many American beauty products).

Phthalates are a common additive in moisturizing cleansers. These endocrine disruptors are believed to increase cancer risk.

Toluene and other solvents are actually petroleum or coal based. In the industrial world, these solvent additives are used to dissolve and thin paint. In some cleansers and skincare products, they are used to bleach away age marks.

Even more toxins were found in popular beauty products, including formaldehyde, SLS, and others.


Are these Chemicals Doing More
Harm than Good?

It’s difficult to say with absolute certainty that unnatural additives in beauty products (especially facial cleansers) are doing more harm than good.

However, from the women we talked to and worked with at Total Activation, we noticed an incredible difference in skin vibrancy, cell turnover, and complexion improvement when these additives were removed from a skincare routine.

Just ask Chrissie Topoleski, a professional model and beauty consultant who recently switched from a synthetic-based cleanser to Total Activation Facial Cleanser.

“I was absolutely stunned when I first looked at the label of my cleanser,” Chrissie said. “For years, I was basically feeding my skin toxins.”

For someone like Chrissie, who relies on her skin tone and complexion for her career, suffering damage from chemical additives on a daily basis is potentially devastating.

“I remember thinking ‘this isn’t just about my health,’ because if I lose my complexion, I lose my work.”


Learn More About Chrissie’s Story And Skincare Transformation

We asked Chrissie, along with several other models, and celebrities, to help us develop a set of skin activating products that now make up Total Activation's skin care line.

We started by developing a cleanser without the harmful additives modern cleansers contain.

“The results were incredible,” Chrissie said of her experience. “I can’t believe how long I went actually damaging my skin instead of helping it stay healthy.”

This was just by adding a cleanser alone!

Chrissie isn’t the only woman who loves the transformative power of Total Activation Facial Cleanser and the entire, expanded line of 5-step activating products.

Even the celebrity rumor mill has caught up with Total Activation. Sadie Murray from The Bachelor reviewed Total Activation on Fox News, calling it an “insanely popular skincare brand.”

Try the Total Activation Anti-Age Skincare Line!


Natural Bio-Actives Make the Difference.

How has the Total Activation skin activating line of products become so popular?

Just take a look at the no-additive, bio-active components of the Facial Cleanser (the first product in the Total Activation 5-Step System).

Total Activation Facial Cleanser relies on natural bio-actives that deliver...

  • High Potency Vitamin C Treatment for Ageless Skin
  • Nourishing Antioxidants to Prevent and Heal Damage
  • Plant Lipid Moisturizers to Lock in Hydration
  • Vegan Exfoliants that Promote Cell Turnover

The result is a cleanser that clears pores and firms to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.


It’s Time to Try a Bio-Active Skincare Routine.

“I think everyone should try a bio-active routine,” Chrissie reflected. “I know it sounds crazy, but I could immediately tell the difference.”

The fact is Total Activation is changing the way beauty products are made and used.

While potentially harmful chemical additives have been used for years in beauty products because of low cost, Total Activation is taking a unique, small-batch and pure-sourcing approach to finding natural alternatives that awaken younger skin from the inside out.

“The moment you take all these toxins away,” Chrissie said, “you notice your skin free up. It’s immediate.”

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