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Will this New Skincare System
Make Luxury Celebrity Skincare Treatments Obsolete?

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Skin Care Rumor Mill about Celebrities Over 40

Let’s talk skin care for the rest of us first. Even outside of elite skin care circles, it’s common to spend $300 on serums or $600 on a spa treatment.

In today’s beauty and makeup marketplace, spending $300 or more a month on skincare is routine for even Middle America.

The statistics aren’t surprising at all.

Over the course of a lifetime, the average American woman spends $200,000 on makeup and skincare products.

From age 10 to 80 that’s $238 a month! And those numbers are for AVERAGE Americans!

What do the numbers look like in Hollywood?


How much does younger looking skin actually cost?

How much does healthy, younger looking skin actually cost?

We caught up with celebrity insiders, anti-aging doctors, salons, and spas in the heart of Hollywood’s hotspots and asked: What are celebrities using RIGHT NOW to keep their skin looking so young?

How do they do it?

What we found was shocking (and it’s not just the price of today’s luxury skincare treatments that will shock you) it’s the fact that everyone in the luxury skincare industry is talking about a new, up-and-coming strategy that cuts tens of thousands off the cost of “owning” younger looking, age-defying skin.


Check Out the Treatments of Hollywood Royalties Over 40

Targeted LED Facemasks (Price - $1,800)

Light therapy targeted with LED facemasks programmed for your skin type, skin tone, specific blemishes and more. At around $1,800, LED Facemask treatments entry level anti-age protection for some of today’s most popular over 40 actresses. Right now, they are one of the most popular treatments in Hollywood celebrity circles.

The “Vampire Facial” (Price Tag - $2,500)

It turns out that treating your skin with your own blood can potentially boost collagen production (when done correctly). Some celebrities are spending $2,500 or more per session to have “Vampire Facial” experts draw their blood and create a collagen boosting mask from it. Insane!

Coolaser Face Treatment (Starting at $4,000 per Treatment)

Coolaser treatment levels out uneven skin, eradicates under eye circles, smoothes wrinkles, acne scars and more. But at $4,000 per treatment, few can afford it (and multiple treatments are required to see an effect!). Just one search in the Los Angeles area will show how popular this up and coming treatment is.

Radio Frequency Treatments (Price Tag - $2,500)

Have you heard of Thermage® yet? It’s a radio frequency treatment the ageless elite are using to address the visible signs of aging –especially in trouble areas.

At $2,500 per treatment, the cost adds up quickly.


Balanced Body Activating Nutrition

On top of all of these experience treatments are of course the skincare products you know, love, read about and buy serums, peels, walnut exfoliators, ageless creams, masks, and more We try new ones all the time.

At Total Activation, we’re always seeing what’s new. We’re always testing to see how our line of complete skincare products stacks up against the rest.

But what we found when discussing today’s luxury skincare techniques with Hollywood experts shocked us.

More and more celebrities over 40 are turning away from expensive treatments and choosing nutrition to activate their skin from within.


About Total Activation

You can experience many of the same results as $4,500+ per session treatments with a balanced intake of nutrients that support skin repair and help slow down or reverse the signs of aging.

In fact, nearly every sign of aging you see on your skin every single reaction is due to either environmental exposure or the metabolic processes in your body that change as you get older.

Because of this fact, more and more celebrities and celebrity skin care experts are turning to nutrition instead of expensive treatments to help activate younger looking skin.

When we discovered this amazing trend, we knew we had to do something.

So, we created an entire line of supplements designed to give your body the support it needs to experience Hollywood-style age defying results (without paying the Hollywood nutritionist prices).

Try the Total Activation Anti-Age Skincare Line!

From gut health and inflammation reduction, to collagen support and age related metabolic slow down we’ve developed a complete line of products from the ground up that activate younger, healthier skin from within.

Total Activation’s Nutrition line works alongside all of our skincare products to help you activate a version of you that you’ll love!