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Total Activation is a mission. A mission to activate the best version of you, starting with our commitment to innovation.

Our 10-step commitment to innovation and product integrity guarantees not only the research behind our products, but an unwavering dedication to the ingredients behind our skincare and nutritional line.

Here are 10 things that set us apart from other skincare and nutrition companies. Consider the following when researching a skincare or nutrition product:

#1Skincare Products and Nutritional Supplements that work hand-in-hand to give you exceptional results. Does the company focus on synergy between products? We carefully research and formulate all our products so that they support one another. Every ingredient is carefully and meticulously created to provide a synergistic benefit for your body, whether you use our products ON or IN your body. Combining eastern philosophy and western science, Total Activation is a premium line of nutritional supplements and skincare products for those who care about what they put ON, and IN their body.

#2Organic and Natural Ingredients The Total Activation product line can boost collagen production and take years off your appearance with our age-defying components derived from organic and natural ingredients. Our products are formulated with a unique blend of exotic plant extracts, nourishing antioxidants, and hydration-capturing botanicals. Experience the power of our anti-aging and wrinkle-fighting capabilities from pure botanical sources.

#3One-Year Money Back Guarantee At Total Activation, we expect every product to meet or surpass your expectations. We are consistent in terms of safety and quality for our customers. We stand behind our products, and put our customers first. That's why you get a one-year money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with the product, you can exchange it or get a refund within one year of purchase.

#4The Team Behind the Product Is the product formulation and creation managed by an advisory board of reputable, qualified chemists, nutritionists, and medical doctors? Do these individuals painstakingly create high-quality formulations, and do they live and breathe research and science? At Total Activation, our American formulators and doctors have decades of experience in the dietary supplement industry.

#5Facility Certification - GMP certified and FDA inspected Are the products manufactured in a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified facility under strict protocols? GMP certification is an independent, third-party verified certification status in which the manufacturing facilities are reviewed to ascertain whether specific food safety and quality measures are achieved. These include, but are not limited to, equipment and facility hygiene, staff training, and temperature control. The Total Activation manufacturing facility is NPA/UL Certified for GMP and Safety. It is also FDA inspected.

#6Operational Standards and Product Integrity Testing Does every product go through an extensive review and quality control process through every phase of development, guaranteeing its safety and effectiveness?

#7Contaminant Identification and Elimination
Does the company make every effort to identify and eliminate contaminants, and to ensure all ingredients are free from hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, chemicals, colors, and artificial sweeteners?

#8High Potency, Premium Quality Raw Materials Does the company purchase raw materials that are certified high potency, high purity, and free from adulterated materials?

#9Supported with Quality Control TestingCan the products be independently verified for quality assurance by a quality control testing laboratory? We carefully examine all the finished products to conclusively determine that all ingredients are present in the amounts specified and are safe.

#10Inline Product Testing with Certificate of Analysis for Every Batch Are the product ingredients carefully tested 'inline' from start to finish to ensure all contents of every package are accurate and precise? Can the company provide a 'certificate of analysis' for every batch manufactured?

Once you use a Total Activation product, you’ll see and feel the difference.

You’ll experience a superior product, top quality ingredients, and outstanding results. This is backed by our one-year money-back guarantee. This is your time, and it's time for your Total Activation. Click here to shop our store!


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If you're ready to fully activate your mind and body to look and feel vitalized, youthful, and energetic, you need to start from the inside.

At Total Activation, we believe that unlocking the best version of you starts with the nutrients you put inside your body, followed by the skincare you apply on the outside.

Skincare, fitness, supplements, or "stubborn belly fat"—there seems to be a quick fix around every corner.When was the last time you tried the latest trend? When was the last time you fell for a "fad"?

There's a reason the fads you've tried haven't worked. They're not designed for permanent results to help you live a better life. They’re designed to make you dependent on them so you keep buying them again and again.

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expect a different result." – Albert Einstein

That's why we created the Total Activation product line.

We're Dr. Nitin Chhoda and Dr. Ritika Gulrajani, a husband and wife team of physical therapists, and certified strength and conditioning specialists who understand the importance of holistic health. In fact, Dr. Nitin Chhoda wrote a book on the concept of "Total Activation" in 2005, centered around emotional, physical, social, spiritual, and intellectual health.

At Total Activation, we believe true health starts from the inside.


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When we say you need to start from "the inside," we’re not talking about weight loss. Total Activation is about health and beauty, from the inside out.

It’s about a healthy heart, a clean digestive system, clear skin and healthy hair.

It's called living an Activated Lifestyle, and through Activated Living you can achieve so much more than just fitness and weight loss.

When you are Totally Activated, you will look great and feel fantastic, regardless of your weight and age.You will experience a new level of joy in life. A joy that weight loss, diets and ‘fads’ can never provide.


We know you can experience a complete transformation in the way you look, feel, and think about yourself.

It all starts with what you put ON and IN your body.

  • We Believe You Need to STOP Using Supplements that Don't Contain What They Claim
  • We Believe You Need to STOP Using Products that Don't Work Together
  • We Believe You Need to STOP Trying to Feel Better Without a Plan of Action
  • We Believe You Need to FOCUS On Your Body from the Inside First!

Total Activation is a synergistic skincare and nutritional line for forever beautiful women. It’s more than a series of products. It’s a life philosophy designed to activate the best version of you, from the inside out.


Total Activation is a family-run business, working for the past 15 years against the big names in health and skincare. We are different from most corporations, who are more concerned about their bottom line than their customers.

We combine eastern philosophy and a tradition of purity with western medical research to bring you skincare and nutritional products that unlock a better version of you, from the inside out.

Our products help your body to work in total harmony. At Total Activation, we are on a mission to activate the best version of you. All your power and beauty is inside, waiting for the right care and support to be unlocked. It’s time for Total Activation!


For a healthy heart, strong joints & radiant skin! Organic, plant-based softgels.

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Nourish and heal skin cells with premium atlantic Krill Oil! Supports healthy cell function.

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23-point joint support matrix. Premium blend to transform joint health & flexibility.

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