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75-Year Long Harvard Study Reveals
The Key to Life-Long Satisfaction, Happiness, and Even Health. Learn One Key to Living a Fulfilled Life You Can Start Today!

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One of the Longest Studies Ever Conducted Proves What Really Makes Us Feel Fulfilled and Satisfied With Life!

We all want to focus more on what matters in life. But as the world draws us in so many different directions at once, it’s hard to separate what’s important from what overwhelms us.

This is where research can help us.

It’s time to turn to the science of what creates a happy life – studies based on what create, at a personal and emotional level, a life that feels fulfilled and purposeful.


The Psychology of Feeling Good: Feeling Amazing is Easier than You Think!

What researchers at Harvard University discovered over the last 75 years (yes, 75 years in one of the longest active studies ever) is nothing short of incredible: One factor, above everything else, can indicate lifelong levels of happiness and fulfillment.

Two combined studies, the Grant Study of 268 Harvard grads from the classes of 1939 to 1944 and the Glueck Study a study group of 456 men who grew up poor, in the inner-city of Boston, surveyed life-long happiness from 1939 to 2014.

This means the Grant and Gluck studies followed subjects well into their 80s and 90s. These studies allow researchers to predict the psychosocial and biological variables that allow for better health, happiness, and well-being later in life!

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Chrissi Topoleski - Skincare Expert & Model


Here’s How to Live “The Good Life”

Researchers are currently analyzing the data from this 75-year look into how the way we act, interact, take care of ourselves and more impact health and wellbeing later in life.

Data analysis will take years, but currently, researchers are clear about one key factor that leads to “The Good Life:”

Good relationships.

Robert Waldinger, director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development the combined name of this data set indicated in 2017 that nothing keeps you happier or healthier than good relationships throughout life.


Research is Clear: Love Others, Love Yourself.

Beyond money, retirement, your career, the home you live in, where you’ve been or what you’ve accomplished Waldinger and his associate researchers are clear about the outcome of the 75 year study of Adult Development:

You need love to live a fulfilled life.

Their conclusions are rooted in the way your nervous system responds to social interaction, friendship, and love allowing your brain to stay healthier longer and keeping emotional pain and physical pain limited.

In fact, data collected indicated that regardless of social status or wealth, people who feel lonely and lack love in their lives are less healthy and die younger.

According to Waldinger, “the quality of your close relationships” are what matters, "it's not just the number of friends you have, and it's not whether or not you're in a committed relationship."

George Vaillant, a Harvard psychiatrist responsible for the data in this very same study from 1972 to 2004, concluded that there are two clear lessons from the study. He said, "One is love. The other is finding a way of coping with life that does not push love away."


Are You Ready to Bring More Love Into Your Life?

If love for yourself and others is the one way to live a happier and healthier life that feels fulfilled, we need to ask ourselves first: How do we learn to love more?

Many recent studies have linked the ability to love to happiness and self-confidence. Feeling good about yourself first is where love starts.

And you need to be “right” with yourself or feel developed as a confident, strong, and brave individual (according to researchers) in order to let love into your life.

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You Can Start by Loving Yourself.

What this means is that the best way to start embracing love is to learn to love yourself.

According to Chrissie Topoleski, model and Total Activation beauty consultant, one of the first steps is to “activate your mind and body” by taking care of yourself.

“We’ve come up with this concept of Total Activation,” Chrissie says, “to activate beauty, confidence, happiness, and more from within our own bodies using natural supplements to help our body activate its own physical and mental peak.”

Chrissy continues, “no matter how old you are, your body has the ability to activate and bounce back with more energy, beauty, and vibrance.”

“The key to loving yourself,” she says, “comes from activating a version of you that you feel good about.”

How to Love and Live with a Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit Through Total Activation

Chrissie helped develop a brand called Total Activation, a complete line of products designed to unlock inner beauty naturally, from the inside out, allowing you to love your skin, your beauty, and your body.

“This all started with celebrity trends and high-end anti-aging clinics,” Chrissie says. “It evolved into one of the most popular ways women are activating younger skin—without makeup!


What Vogue Calls “The New Makeup” Is a Revolution in Loving Your Skin

“Just last year Vogue called ‘Skin Care the New Makeup’ after over-40 celebrities like Sarah Silverman and Susan Sarandon appeared in the Vogue ‘Most Beautiful’ cover shoot celebrating ageless beauty without concealer, foundation, or even any makeup at all.”

Their secret is an ability to unlock natural beauty—to activate it, Chrissie says, “the Total Activation line of products activates and unlocks your beauty using these very same principles.”


Here’s the 5-Step Love Your Skin System that Works from Within to Unlock Inner Beauty

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Total Activation is one of the very first brands to launch a complete, skin-first, makeup later brand of beauty activators.

What began as a movement to educate women, end makeup addictions, and help activate skin you’ll love to look at.

“What’s clear from research,” Chrissie explains, “is that what really matters in life is how we think of ourselves.”

She adds, “Every time I look in the mirror—even when I’m not wearing makeup—I want to love the skin I have. That’s why I use the Total Activation 5-Step System every day.”

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