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The “More Moisture” Myth:
7 Ways to Remove
Under Eye Circles
(And Why Moisture Isn’t Enough)

Article Summary


Ask any beauty expert the secret to avoiding dark circles and maintaining youthful eyes and you’ll get one common answer:


Sure, moisture is at the heart of every skin care routine.

It’s an important part of fighting off wrinkles, keeping skin firm, and reversing the damaging, drying effects of sun exposure and environmental toxins.

But—as you’re about to discover—moisture is not enough.

In fact, some skin care experts are going as far as saying moisturizing without ANY other under eye treatment is a waste of time when it comes to fighting under eye circles.

Let’s look at what it really takes to keep your eyes forever young, erase under eye circles, and fight the most common giveaway that we’re getting older. Keep reading for the 7 most effective, natural methods of removing under eye circles (and see the shocking FACT they all have in common.


Moisture Alone? “It’s a Waste of Time” According to this Model.

“I’ve found that it’s a waste of time,” model and skincare consultant Dee Topoleski said in a recent interview about moisturizing around your eyes—

“unless you actively increase circulation at the same time"

“Increasing moisture alone just fights one side of a multi faceted problem,” Dee clarified. “Moisture can help bring elasticity and youthful life back into the skin around your eyes, but it does nothing for the dark circles and puffiness that give away our age.”

Fighting wrinkles and lines around your eyes is only half of the anti-aging battle. If you want to look and feel ageless when you see yourself in the mirror, you need to moisturize AND increase circulation.

In fact, circulation is the key reason the 7 most effective, and natural methods for removing under eye circles actually work. Take a look at the list below!

The 7 Most Effective (and Natural) Methods of Removing Under Eye Circles:

1. Consume Less Alcohol

2. Cut Your Caffeine Intake

3. Stay Hydrated

4. Eat Less Salt

5. Avoid Stress (Yeah, Right!)

6. Elevate Your Head at Night

7. Hot/Cold Treatment

Before Total Activation, I was using 4 different eye treatments, twice a day! Now, I just use Miracle Eye Gel in the morning.

Dee Dollard
- Skincare Expert & Model


What Do All of these Natural Eye Circle Fighters Have in Common?

First, take a look at the first three on the list: less alcohol, caffeine intake, and increasing hydration.

These three steps help boost your hydration levels. When your body becomes dehydrated, it cuts blood flow to non-essential areas to protect your most important body functions. Guess what’s a non-essential area? The skin under your eyes.

Too much salt and stress and Stress impact circulationby causing hypertension or high blood pressure. Keep your blood pressure low and your heart healthy, and you’ll wake up every morning with bright eyes.

Elevating your head at night? Hot compresses or cold packs? You’ve heard about these, right? It’s all about increasing blood flow.


It’s All About Blood Flow.

Think about bruises on your skin.

“Contusions” are what they are called.

Bruises happen when blood gets trapped below the surface of your skin. You can actually see the trapped blood sitting there, not moving, not circulating.

There’s a reason under eye circles look the same as a bruise.

It’s because they are basically the same thing!

Stagnant pools of blood that isn’t circulating out from under your eyes.


Check Out the Circulation Booster that Erases Dark Circles in Just One Step.

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Nourish, Moisturize, and Increase Circulation – All in One Step.

“What I love about Miracle Eye Gel is that I can moisturize and increase circulation at the same time,” said Dee. “Before Total Activation, I was using four different eye treatments, twice a day! Now, I just use Miracle Eye Gel in the morning.”

Dee isn’t the only model turning to Miracle Eye Gel to keep her eyes looking younger.

Thousands of women—from celebrities to stay-at-home moms - have already added Miracle Eye Gel to their ageless beauty routine.

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Throw Away Your Concealer and Enjoy Naturally Young Eyes.

No matter your age, from 35 to 75, Total Activation Miracle Eye Gel delivers the moisture and circulation boosting benefits your eyes need to look younger.

With Miracle Eye Gel, you’ll no longer need to rely on heavy layers of concealer to cover up your dark under eye circles.

And you won’t need to spot-treat your eyes with four or five different products.

Just one application of Miracle Eye Gel delivers all-day circulation boosting benefits, moisture, and the wrinkle fighting benefits you need to turn back your “eye age” and look younger.


Ready to Maximize TOTAL Skin Circulation?

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What Vogue Calls “The New Makeup”
Is a Revolution in Activating Younger Skin

“Just last year Vogue called ‘Skin Care the New Makeup’ after over-40 celebrities like Sarah Silverman and Susan Sarandon appeared in the Vogue ‘Most Beautiful’ cover shoot celebrating ageless beauty without concealer, foundation, or even any makeup at all,” said Dee.

“Their secret is an ability to unlock natural beauty—to activate it. “The Total Activation line of products activates and unlocks your beauty using these very same principles.”


Miracle Eye Gel is Part of the Total Activation 5-Step Skin Activating System.

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