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A Guide to "Total Activation": 10 Ways to Look and Feel Your Best

Dr. Nitin Chhoda's 10-step "start from the inside" solution to uncover the best version of you

1. Work Inside Before You "Workout" – Plenty of "fitness gurus" are ready to tell you about the "miracle workouts" you can use to lose weight, feel great, and firm up (maybe you've tried some of the "challenges" and other fitness fads before). Here's why few workout plans "work:" Real change happens from the "inside" of your body, both at the cellular level and in your mind - changes that don't just activate fat loss, but help you activate a better version of you. So, before you workout, think about "working in" and focus on what you put in your body!

2. What You Put into Your Body Matters – What you put into your body matters more than what you do to it or put on it. That's not to say fitness is a waste—it just means you can choose to slog through a 60 minute workout to burn a few calories, or you can choose to eat the foods that activate a feel-good energy that leaves you motivated to accomplish anything. One way to make what you put into your body easier to track, is with a well-balanced meal replacement.

3. Fight Against the 35+ Metabolic Slowdown – Your metabolic processes slow down as you get older (for many women and men, it's right around age 30-35). This slowdown is often what keeps you from looking and feeling your best. To fight against the signs and (symptoms) of getting older—I've created a "Total Activation" system you can use to re-activate the best version of you!

4. Restore Cell Function with Antioxidants – One of the best ways to unlock your vitality, maintain energy levels, and feel like your true self is to guarantee your body is getting an appropriate supply of the anti-oxidants required for proper cell function.

5. More of "Everything" Starts with B-Vitamins – B-Vitamins are one of the most important antioxidants you can give your body—they play an important role in cellular energy production, working together to feed 100+ cellular reactions through the body. If you're feeling "down" or just "not yourself anymore" know that more of "everything you're missing" from the way you feel to your energy levels, starts with proper b-vitamin supplementation.

6. What About Skin?
– Antioxidants help from the inside, but you can also apply them directly to your skin to activate a youthful glow. Looking your best starts with the nutrients you put in your body, supported by the nutrients you feed your skin.

7. Simple is Almost Always Better – Think about every time you've failed to follow a fitness program, diet, or routine. Often, the culprit is complexity. The most steps required, the more likely you are to break your routine. And that's important because…

8. Routine is Everything – What's the point of starting a new routine if you can't stick to it? For your body, transformation happens through adaptation. Your body adapts to the nutrients you give it. If you can't stick to the routine, your body notices—and it will tell you—either through weight gain, loss of energy, lack of motivation, even skin tone.

9. Synergy Always Trumps Complexity – You don't need a dozen supplements over the bathroom sink, 5 types of night cream, 3 serums, and a custom nutrition plan to look and feel your best. If you don't like complexity, if you plan on sticking to a routine, and if you're excited to unlock the true you, it may be time to try my Total Activation System.

10. The Only Way to Know What Works? Give it a Try– I developed the Total Activation System—a complete meal replacement system and skin care solution loaded with the antioxidants your body craves, so you can unlock the best version of you from the inside out. It includes a planner to help you keep your routine and stay on track, a meal replacement system, and a skin cleanser. Right now you can try the complete Total Activation Kit for 15 days risk freeyou can click here to learn more.

Total Activation brings out the best version of you—from the inside out!

If you're ready to take the guess work out of nutrition, skincare, and even your mood, it's time to try the Total Activation System that works from the inside out to rejuvenate your skin, boost your energy levels, vitalize your body, and more.

After working with dozens of patients in my practice who were suffering from the effects of a struggling metabolism, aging, and all the nutrition and fitness come-and-go fads that go along with it—I wrote my first bestselling book, Total Activation: The New 5 Step Fitness Mantra.

Now, I've created a complete Total Activation System, available for anyone to try RISK FREE for 15 days.

It's a complete program that guides you to total activation of your mind and body, bringing out the best version of you with the help of essential nutrients, antioxidants, and a plan you can follow, step-by-step to experience a total transformation.

Total Activation System
Bring Out the Best Version of You!

Here's What's Included:


Total Activation
Nutritional Meal Replacement

Ready to take the guess work out of nutrition? Try the Total Activation Meal Replacement risk free right now.

Normally $39 for 15-days, you don't pay a penny if it doesn't vitalize your mind and body.


Total Activation
Daily Facial Cleanser

Keep your skin healthy, support cell turn over, and enjoy youthful radiance—with results you can see in less than 2-weeks.

Daily Facial Cleanser is designed to supplement Total Activation Nutritional Meal Replacement to give your skin the support it needs to be bright, clear, and firm.


Total Activation
Step-by-Step Transformation Planner

Put the Total Activation System to work with the step-by-step transformation planner included in the complete kit.

If you click below and try Total Activation Cleanser and Meal Replacement risk free, you'll also get a complete guide to your transformation—normally sold for $19. 

Click Below to Try the COMPLETE
Total Activation System
Risk-Free for 15 Days

Ready to activate the best version of you from the inside out?

Try the Total Activation System risk free for 15 days. If you don't notice a difference in the way you look and feel—if you don't feel like you're becoming a better version of you—just let me know and I'll send you a full refund with no questions asked.

Get all the details below right now.